"Badcall" Benny

"Badcall" Benny is a minor male character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. He is the brother of "Crybaby" Boobie, and, like his sister, plays against Snoopy and Molly Volley in the tennis doubles.


"Badcall" Benny was first referred to on April 15, 1982, when Molly Volley read that she and Snoopy would be playing against him and his sister. Molly tells Snoopy that "Badcall" Benny calls everything out, even once when she was opening a can of tennis balls, he called it "out".

The next day, Badcall Benny is seen, and seems to be very impolite. When Molly Volley and Snoopy are introducing themselves to him, "Badcall" Benny calls Molly, "Fat Legs Volley". That gets Molly very annoyed at him and she punches Benny on the mouth. This makes "Badcall" Benny afraid of Molly Volley. He becomes so afraid that she will punch him again, that when he decides to call something out and Molly threatens to punch him, he quickly tells her that he really meant to call it in.

The first appearance of "Badcall" Benny in the strip from April 16, 1982

During the rest of the tennis match, "Badcall" Benny is mostly seen as a background character, and "Crybaby" Boobie starts annoying Snoopy and Molly. At the end of the match, "Crybaby" Boobie, and "Badcall" Benny win by default, because Snoopy has to quit due to being nauseous from stuffing himself with cookies.

After the game, "Badcall" Benny never appeared in the Peanuts comic strip again, but his sister continued to make appearances in the strip for a few years thereafter.

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