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555 95472, usually referred to simply as "5", is a minor male character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.


The character debuted on September 30 1963, and continued to appear on and off in the strip until May 22, 1981. "5" has spiky hair and sometimes wears a shirt with the number five on it. 95472 is the family's "last name", or more specifically their ZIP code. In reality, it is the ZIP code for Sebastopol, California, where Charles M. Schulz was living at the time the character was introduced. "5" has to keep telling his teacher that the accent is on the 4 in his surname. Snoopy is confused as to whether the boy's name is spelled 5 or as the Roman numeral V.

5 as he appears in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

As "5" explains to Charlie Brown in the strip from October 1, 1963, his father, morose and hysterical over the preponderance of numbers in people's lives, changed all of his family's names to numbers. Asked by Lucy if it was Mr. 95472's way of protesting, "5" replies that this was actually his father's way of "giving in." "5" also has two sisters named "3" and "4". ("Nice feminine names," in Charlie Brown's sarcastic assessment.) It can be assumed that their parents are named "1" and "2".

Before Peppermint Patty's debut, "5" was in the same school as Charlie Brown and Linus. A few years after Peppermint Patty's first appearance, "5" was shown sitting in front of Roy at Peppermint Patty's school.

In later years, "5" appeared more as an occasional background character and disappeared entirely after May 22, 1983.
"5's" final appearance in the Sunday strip from May 22, 1983.

"5" appears, along with his sisters, in the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. None of the members of the 95472 have speaking roles in the special but can all be seen performing lively dances to the tune "Linus and Lucy", played on Schroeder's piano. "5" also appears as a silent character in the specials Charlie Brown's All-Stars, You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown and Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown and the movies A Boy Named Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Come Home. He has speaking parts near the end of He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown and It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown.

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