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Arrested Development is a Fox comedy sitcom that originally aired on November 2, 2003. Due to low ratings and viewership, the series was cancelled on February 10, 2006 after it's third season. Netflix revived the series for a fourth season on May 26, 2013 and a fifth season on 2017.

The show revolves around the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy and habitually dysfunctional family. It is presented in a continuous format, incorporating handheld camera work, narration, archival footage and historical footage.

References to Peanuts

  • In the episodes "The One Where They Build A House", "Hand to God", "iAmigos" and "Spring Breakout", Buster Bluth commonly refers to genitalia as "Linuses" and "Charlie Browns".
  • In the episode "Good Grief", there are several references to Peanuts. The first one being the title which is a reference to Charlie Brown's catchphrase. Four of the main characters walk sullenly with their heads and shoulders slumped over, like how Charlie Brown walks whenever he is depressed, and the instrumental for Christmas Time is Here plays in the background. A beagle is seen in the background lying atop a red doghouse mimicking Snoopy. Two people are also seen in the background holding a small Christmas tree, referencing A Charlie Brown Christmas. When George Michael Bluth enters the family house he collapses down on his face in despair, another common Charlie Brown eccentricity.
  • In the episode "Indian Takers", Tobias Funke Bluth told the attendant at the Garden Grove Methadone Clinic that he got "hooked on acting" after watching You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • In the episode "Flight of the Phoenix", Michael Bluth tries to kick a tumbleweed but fails. This is a reference to Charlie Brown and Lucy and the football gag. Later, he walks sullenly like Charlie Brown when he is voted out of George Michael's room in college.
  • In the episodes "Good Grief" and "Out on a Limb", the Bluths' banana stand displays a "the frozen banana maker is out" sign. This is a reference to "the doctor is out" sign on Lucy's psychiatry booth.

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