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Big Nate is an American comic strip written and illustrated by Lincoln Peirce. The strip revolves around Nate Wright, a rebellious sixth-grader, and his classmates and teachers. Nate is portrayed as a boy with little interest in studies or conforming to standards. Because of this, he often ends up in detention. Some of the staff at the school include Mrs. Godfrey (Nate's social studies teacher and chief faculty nemesis), art teacher Mr. Rosa, Principal Nichols, Mrs. Shipulski, and Mrs. Czerwicki. Nate's best friends include Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz.

Reference to Peanuts


Big Nate's Peanuts tribute.

  • The Big Nate strip from May 27, 2000, the day of the Peanuts tributes, features a few of the Big Nate characters playing baseball and cheering for Peanuts. Nate goes over and shakes Charlie Brown's hand. In the last panel he says "Good ol' Charlie Brown". At the bottom of the panel are the words "for Sparky", meaning that the strip was dedicated to Schulz.
  • In the Big Nate strip from June 17, 2007, when Francis, one of Nate's friends, is testing Nate on random trivia questions, one of his trivial questions is, "What teacher does Linus have a crush on in Peanuts?" to which Nate anwers Miss Othmar.

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