Brutus (far left) with his masters.

Brutus is the secondary antagonist of the movie Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. He is a vicious cat (which Sally misidentifies as a dog) who is the pet of the camp bullies. He is so vicious that even Snoopy is easily frightened by him and he attacks Woodstock every time he sees him. However Snoopy manages to face his fear of Brutus and beats him up twice for always attacking Woodstock.

The vocal effects for Brutus were done by the late Jackson Beck.


  • A cat resembling Brutus in both appearance and personality appears in the 1981 TV special Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown, antagonizing Woodstock, Charlie Brown and Linus. The cat is later scared off by Snoopy when it tries to attack Woodstock again.
  • World War II, the unseen cat that lives next door to Snoopy, may also be the same type of cat as Brutus, as both display vicious behavior toward the Peanuts characters in their appearances.

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