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Butternut Bread is a brand of American white sliced bread. It has used Snoopy, Woodstock and other Peanuts characters in its advertising.


Snoopy Butternut Bread Commercial00:14

Snoopy Butternut Bread Commercial

Butternut - "Peanuts Stickers Promotion" (Commercial, 1978)00:30

Butternut - "Peanuts Stickers Promotion" (Commercial, 1978)

Butternut Bread - "Snoopy For President Sweepstakes" (Commercial, 1980)00:31

Butternut Bread - "Snoopy For President Sweepstakes" (Commercial, 1980)

An almost identical commercial was also made for the brand Weber's Bread. Both commercials also refer to Dolly Madison cakes.

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