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Charlie Brown and Lucy.

Charlie Brown and Lucy do not get along very well. Lucy is often mean to Charlie Brown, and Lucy is often annoyed by Charlie Brown's personality. However, the two are still sometimes friends, and can get along.

Charlie Brown's opinion of Lucy

Charlie Brown has a slightly critical opinion of Lucy, as she is always doing mean things to Linus, or dropping fly balls. Charlie Brown also does not like how Lucy is very mean. He hates how she always calls him names, such as "blockhead", "wishy-washy" and other things like that. He also hates her football gag she pulls on him every year. Initially, Charlie Brown claimed that he would not trust her because she has tricked him this way many times, but Lucy then gave some reasons why Charlie Brown should give her credence. For example, to give him a signed document stating that she would not pull the ball away from him (later to reveal that the document had never been notarized). His doubt undermined, Charlie Brown then sprints toward Lucy to execute the place kick. At the last possible second, Lucy snatched the ball out of Charlie Brown's path, causing him to be flung up into the air and land hard on his back. This even occurred during the Homecoming game in It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown, which lead to Charlie Brown's teammates unfairly blaming him for costing them the game, even though Lucy was at fault.

In the early days of the strip, although Charlie Brown had a fairly better relationship with her than he did in the later days, he often became annoyed by her "fussbudget" personality, and became ever more annoyed when she took that as a compliment. He eventually becomes so fed up with her personality, and sometimes threw tantrums when she fussed to him.

However, even though Charlie Brown does not like Lucy's mean and crabby personality, he still cares for her, and regards her and trusts her. In the early days, Charlie Brown would read stories to Lucy, and act as a parental figure to her. And Charlie Brown clearly trusts Lucy, as, despite the fact that she always pulls away the football when pulling her famous prank on him, Charlie Brown still trusts her enough to try again the next year, assuming that she won't pull it away that time. And Charlie Brown trusts her enough to tell her his problems when she is in her psychiatry booth.

Lucy's opinion of Charlie Brown


Strip from August 29, 1972.

Lucy can often become very annoyed by Charlie Brown, particularly by his "wishy-washy" and gloomy personality. As a result, Lucy often mocks him, and abuses him. Although her abuse of him is normally verbal, she does sometimes use physical abuse, most notably with her infamous football gag. Lucy delivers mean remarks with the greatest of ease, usually showing no emotion whatsoever, then moving on with whatever she was doing. When Charlie Brown fails at something, Lucy is quick to point it out, as illustrated by a series of strips from January and February 1964 (later adapted into the script of A Boy Named Charlie Brown) in which she puts together a slide presentation of all of Charlie Brown's faults, and subsequently demands that he pay her a sum of $143 for her services.

In the early days of the strip, however, Lucy is shown to have an innocent crush on Charlie Brown. And even later in the strip she gives hints to marriage with Charlie Brown. For instance, on October 5, 1957, Lucy mentions to Charlie Brown that she may someday be the mother of his children, and on June 8, 1960, she mentions to Charlie Brown that if he would become the president, she would make a good first lady.

In the later years of the strip, however, Lucy has also shown to soften up to Charlie Brown. For example, the two occasionally talk about life at the brick wall.

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