"Daisy Hill" is a song from the stage musical Snoopy!!! The Musical. It is sung by Snoopy, about his childhood home.


Snoopy: (spoken) There is a place where I was wanted, valued, appreciated, loved. Treated like I was a four-hundred dollar fancy French poodle. You know, sometimes I miss that place. The old puppy farm...
Snoopy: (sung) Daisy Hill, will you still take me back?
Got nothing to pack
Got no one to leave behind me
Who'd try to find me
Daisy Hill, had my fill of outside
Can't live on my pride
I've tried, but it's hard to swallow
I'm just a hollow show
Just paper-mache
This dog's had his day
I just wanna laze around all day
Like old Doc Traley, and be lazy
Gotta find a way back to...
Daisy Hill, what a thrill it'd be
To look up and see
Your wide open door
And greet each whippoorwill - Howdy!
Smell each daffodil - purty!
That grow on Daisy Hill
Once more
(spoken) Man what a day! People have been yellin' at me ever since I got up this morning. Sit up, lie down, roll over, play dead, I'm gettin' too old for that! When you're distraught, there's nothin' that will relax ya more than lyin' with your head in your water bowl
(sung) And greet each whippoorwill
Chorus: Whippoorwill
Snoopy: Howdy!
Smell each daffodil
Chorus: Daffodil
Snoopy: Purty!
That grows on Daisy Hill
Once more!


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