"Dime a Dozen" is a song from the stage musical Snoopy!!! the Musical. It is sung by Lucy van Pelt, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty and Sally Brown.


Lucy: Dime a Dozen! Special today!
A Dime a Dozen! Take him away!
Dime a Dozen, any takers?
Okay, what's say, I'll make it a "baker's"!
Thirteen for a tenth of a dollar,
Let's go, I'll throw in a collar!
For every beagle you buy
Dime a Dozen
Unlimited supply!
Snoopy: Dime a Dozen, cheap as they come
Dime a Dozen, face it, old chum
Bargain basement, that's my speed, yeah
Cut break, tin plate, economy breed, yeah
This canine is out-canined
French poodle, it boggles the mind!
No knock-em-dead pedigree for me
Dime a Dozen is all I'll ever be
Sally and Peppermint Patty: Who wants him?
Who needs him?
No jokin'
Doo-wa-doo-wa, doo-wa-doo-wa
Lucy: Dime a Dozen, special today! [Sally and Peppermint Patty: Who'll take him?]
A Dime a Dozen, take him away! [Who'll try him?]
Dime a Dozen, Any takers? [Who'll keep him?]
Okay, what's say, I'll make it a "baker's"! [Doo-wa-doo-wa, doo-wa-doo-wa, Who'll buy him?]
Lucy: One dime for the kit and kaboodle
Four-thousand-dozen for the price of a poodle!
Let's show you know a good buy!
Sally and Peppermint Patty: No one can touch his supper!
Dime a Dozen, Dime a Dozen
Lucy, Sally and Peppermint Patty: Unlimited supply!
Sally and Peppermint Patty: Doo-wa-doo-wa, Doo-wa-doo-wa,
Doo-wa-doo-wa, Doo-wa-doo-wa,
Doo-wa-doo-wa, Doo-wa-doo-wa,
Lucy: Won't somebody, anybody buy?

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