"Failure Face"01:03

"Failure Face"

"Failure Face" from A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

"Failure Face" is a song from the Peanuts animated film, A Boy Named Charlie Brown . It is sung by Lucy, Violet, and Patty when Charlie Brown suggests entering the school spelling bee.


You never do anything right
You never put anything in its place
No wonder everyone calls you
Failure Face
You're so impossibly dumb
In history books your name they'll erase
Or else they're bound to call you
Failure Face
And in the race to be stupid
You'd set a brand-new kind of pace
We'd like to christen you, Charlie
Failure Face


  • This song is one of the rare times when Charlie Brown is referred to simply as Charlie.
  • "Failure face" is also a phrase which Lucy has frequently used to refer to Charlie Brown.

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