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Flashbeagle - 01 Flashbeagle04:10

Flashbeagle - 01 Flashbeagle

The long version of the song "Flashbeagle" from the Flashbeagle album.



A sequence from the special It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown which features a short version of the song.

"Flashbeagle", sung by Desirée Goyette and Joey Scarbury, is the theme tune to the 1984 TV special It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown. Portions of the song are also played at two other points in the special, when Snoopy accompanies Franklin to a nightclub and when Sally takes the dog to school for Show and Tell.

A longer version of the song appears on the soundtrack album Flashbeagle, which was released to accompany the special.

Lyrics (album version)

He steps on the floor without making a sound,
Then he starts feeling the beat,
You would think the floor was greased,
By the way he's moving his feet.
He is a champion,
He is the best,
Impossible to tame,
People say that he is obsessed,
Listen to the sound of his name.
They call him Flash, Flash, Flash, Flash,
When he goes around the whole room starts to reel.
You know he's Flash, Flash, Flash, Flashbeagle,
When he jumps up high he glides like a wild eagle.
Lightning flashes when he leaps up,
He's got everybody shouting for more,
Thunder crashes when he hits the ground,
He's burning up the dancin' floor.
(Repeat chorus)
[Instrumental break]
From the fur on his feet to the tip of his nose,
He's got rhythm pumping all through his veins,
He spins like a top that'll never stop,
With the power of a hurricane.
(Repeat chorus)

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