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"Glee Club Rehearsal" ("You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!")02:08

"Glee Club Rehearsal" ("You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!")

"Glee Club Rehearsal" from the animated TV special You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

"Glee Club Rehearsal" is a song from the stage musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and the animated TV special of the same name. It is the sang by the entire cast, directed by Schroeder. However, by the end of the song, only Schroeder and Snoopy are left singing. "Glee Club Rehearsal" includes the lyrics to the song "Home on the Range" but with the addition of the Peanuts characters arguing with each other while singing it.


Schroeder: Of course it's surprising, but I'm sure Lucy knows now that she can't be crabby anymore.
Sally (who is echoing Schroeder): Anymore.
Schroeder: Where is everybody? I told them to be here.
Sally: Told them to be here.
Schroeder: If we don't rehearse we can't sing at the assembly tomorrow.
Sally: assembly tomorrow.
Schroeder: Charlie Brown!
Sally: Charlie Brown!
Schroeder: Linus!
Sally: Linus!
Schroeder and Sally: Lucy!
Lucy: Give me back my pencil, you blockhead!!
Linus: No! Not until you give me back my crayons!
Lucy: That is my best pencil! If you don't give me back my pencil, I'll tell Sally what you said about her!
Schroeder:Stop that! We gotta rehearse! You're late!
Sally: What did you say about me, Linus?
Lucy: He said --
Linus: Lucy. . .
Schroeder: Stop that!
Charlie Brown: Sorry , I'm late --
Schroeder: There is no time to be sorry!
Sally: What did he say?
Lucy: He said that...
Schroeder: Quiet!! Now remember this is a mood piece, we must paint a picture with music and words... and concentrate! (He blows the pitch pipe)
All: Ahhhh
Schroeder: Remember. . . adagio con brio!
All: Oh give me a home
Where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play. . .
Lucy: Give me my pencil
All: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
Linus: Not on your life
All: And the skies are not cloudy all day.
Sally: If you don't tell me what you told Lucy I'm just going to scream
Lucy: Give me my pencil you blockhead!!
All: Home, home on the range.
Lucy: Give me my pencil
Linus: No!
All: Where the deer and the antelope play.
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
Linus: Not until you promise not to tell her
Lucy: What are you trying to do? Stifle my freedom of speech?
All: Where seldom is heard
Lucy: Give me my pencil!
All: A discouraging word
Linus: No promise no pencil!
All: And the skies are not cloudy all day.
(Lucy slips Sally the pencil, and Sally holds it up, teasing Linus)
Sally: What pencil? (She laughs)
(Linus grabs the pencil back.)
Linus: No! Give me that pencil!!
All: Oh, give me a land where the bright diamond sand........
Schroeder: Sing!!!
All: Flows leisurely down the stream...........
Charlie Brown (to Linus): Why did you take Sally's pencil?
Linus: Aaaaaarrrrrrggg !! (He storms off)
All: There the graceful, white swan goes gliding along.........
Sally (to Lucy): What did he call me?
All: Like a maid in a heavenly dream.
Lucy: He said, he said you were... an enigma!
All:Home, home on the range......
Sally: An enigma?
Charlie Brown: An enigma?
Snoopy: An enigma?
Sally: Boy that makes me... What a terrible thing to call a... What's an enigma? Never mind!! (She storms off too)
Charlie Brown, Schroeder and Snoopy: Where the deer and the......
Lucy: What's an enigma?
Charlie Brown, Schroeder And Snoopy: Antelope
Charlie Brown: What's an enigma?
All: Play.
Snoopy: What's an en . . .
Lucy: Hey !! He's still got my pencil! (Now she storms off)
Charlie Brown and Schroeder: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word...
(Seeing he's the only one left, Charlie Brown sneaks away)
Schroeder: And the skies are not cloudy all day!
(He turns around and sees only Snoopy is still there)
Snoopy: Arrro ooo ooo . . .
(Schroeder and Snoopy sing together and shake hands at the end of the song)

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