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Directed by: Alexis Lavillat
Written by: Charles M. Schulz (comic strip)
Release date: June 3, 2016 (USA)
Running time: 7 minutes
Preceded by: TBA
Followed by: TBA
Availability: None yet

"Good Dog" (originally called "Bon chien") is the forty-ninth episode of the first season of the 2014 French TV series Peanuts produced by Normaal animation and based on the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. It will air in the USA on June 3, 2016. The main theme of the episode is everything related to Snoopy's dog habits.


Snoopy asks Charlie Brown for extra meals. Charlie Brown goes on vacation, leaving Snoopy with Linus and Lucy. Snoopy steals Linus' blanket. Snoopy and Woodstock ask Charlie Brown about eating turkey on Thanksgiving, which upsets Woodstock.

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