Peppermint Patty.

"Hurry Up Face" is a song from the stage musical Snoopy!!! The Musical. It is sung by Peppermint Patty, about how she wishes she could be prettier.


Peppermint Patty: Hurry up face, make it snappy!
Come on, come on!
Fall into place, make me happy
Come on, come on!
How long can I wait, face?
I'm feeling the strain
That you're running late, face,
Is as plain as the nose on my face
Can you doubt it?
Come on, come on!
Get on my case
How's about it?
Come on, come on!
Show me your heart
Is in the right place
Come on, come on, come on!
Hurry up face!
Won't you please try? Try to hurry?
How time has flown
Years flying by, and I worry
I'll be alone
You're falling behind, face
Don't do this to me
My mirror's not blind, face
It can see
That you're losing the race by a nose
So, get out the lead
Hurry up face!
On your toes,
Go full speed ahead!
Show me your heart
Is in the right place
One of these days, I'll bet
You're gonna catch up yet!
So, on your mark, get set,
Hurry up face!
Gimme a break

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