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This 2004 book by About Comics presents all of the It's Only a Game strips with one panel per page.

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The 2013 printing of the strips is in full color and reads horizontally, as the strips were originally intended to be displayed.

It's Only a Game is a sports-related comic strip that Charles M. Schulz and Jim Sasseville created from 1957 through 1959 which ran on Sundays. Due to Schulz's commitments to Peanuts, he decided to cancel the strip after 63 weeks. Each strip was made up of three individual panels which were self-contained. The third panel was of the card game bridge and could be run separate from the two sports panels. The comics were reprinted in the 2004 book It's Only a Game (ISBN 0971633894) and the 2013 compilation It's Only a Game: The Complete Color Collection (ISBN 1490927549).

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