Joe Motocross

Joe Motocross

Joe Motocross is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to Peanuts comic strips on February 18, 1975.

With this alter-ego, Snoopy fantasizes that he is a competitive motocross bike racer.  Wearing a helmet and, sometimes, motorcycle leathers, Snoopy is shown sitting on top of his doghouse and making motocross bike noises. 

Charlie Brown appears to also believe in this fantasy alter-ego.  In a strip published on February 21, 1975, he is shown telling Linus van Pelt that Snoopy suffered through a number of mechanical problems and physical injuries during a race.  In a strip published on May 10, 1975, he is shown asking Snoopy, whose leg is caught in a section of fencing, if he missed a turn.

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