"Linus' Security Blanket" is the fifth episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. It premeired on October 15, 1983.


"Snoopy and Woodstock"

Snoopy thinks the cat next door has got Woodstock. A fight ensues, but it turns out that the cat was playing with a yellow glove/ Linus goes over to apologize only to get scratched.


Sally tries to tell jokes in front of her class.


Lucy bothers Schroeder.


Charlie Brown refuses to call the ballgame on account of rain, even though waves form around his pitcher's mound.


Lucy pyscho-analyses Charlie Brown's personality on sunrises and sunsets.


Lucy taunts Charlie Brown to kick the football by pretending to be asleep.

"Security Blanket"

This is the longest short in the special.

Sally tells Linus that she would like him better if he did not carry a blanket.  When Linus replies that he does not care, Sally angrily throws his blanket up in a tree.

Linus gives Snoopy his blanket (which is colored green in this short), in hopes he can break his habit. He tells the beagle not to give it back to him, no matter how much he pleads and begs for it and no matter how desperate he becomes. Snoopy has the blanket made into two sports coats, one for himself and one for Woodstock.


Charlie Brown gets tangled in his kite string, and hung upside-down (the same gag is also used in A Charlie Brown Celebration).


Snoopy and Woodstock try to catch an afternoon nap. (First used in It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown)

"Clinging Snoopy"

Snoopy begins clinging to anyone who believes dogs have made the world a better place. Unfortunatley, Charlie Brown gets saddled with the grateful beagle, and cannot get rid of him. Lucy eventually convinces Snoopy to let go by saying it could damage Charlie Brown's arm, but later clings to Charlie herself when he says that the world is better because of girls. Note: This short uses the same voice cast from It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown.

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