Little Birdie in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving03:04

Little Birdie in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

"Little Birdie" is a song from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It was written by Vince Guaraldi who sings the song in the special. The "little birdie" of the title is Woodstock.


Little birdie,
Why do you fly upside down?
It's amazing,
That the way you get around.
Little birdie,
Why do you worry like you do?
Don't you worry,
Just do what you can do.
Little birdie,
Things just fascinate you so.
And your friend there,
Likes to show you what he knows.
Little birdie,
He don't mind the way he should.
He needs watchin',
That's when you know he'll be good.
Little birdie,
Can't your friend do nothin' right?
It just seems now,
All he wants to do is fight.
Little Birdie,
Look at what he's tryin' to do.
It's so easy,
Yet he don't know what to do.

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