"Lucy Loves Schroeder" is the thirteenth episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. It premiered on December 10, 1983.


"Kite-Eating Tree"

Charlie Brown goes to Lucy's psychiatry booth for advice on fighting the Kite-Eating Tree.


Snoopy pretends to be The World War I Flying Ace and steals important papers which are really Sally's report for school.


Charlie Brown gets sent home from camp for being a troublemaker while Peppermint Patty tells Linus how she cried when she saw the Little Red-Haired Girl.

"Lucy Loves Schroeder"

This short is the longest one of the episode and has the same title as the episode.

Lucy breaks up with Schroeder and puts Schroeder's piano in the washer and dryer.

"Scared Snoopy"

Snoopy is troubled by hearing noises in the night. Charlie Brown forces him to go to consult Lucy at her psychiatry booth. Afterwards, the beagle finds that he cannot pay the girl's bill of 20 cents.

This short was adapted from November 1968.

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