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Milk-Bone is an American brand of dog biscuit. It is marketed as being a healthy snack for dogs which is good for their teeth and prevents them from having bad breath.

The Milk-Bone dog biscuit was first made in 1908 at a bakery in the Lower East Side of New York City which was owned by the F.H. Bennett Biscuit Company. The dog biscuit was originally named Maltoid and acquired its current name by 1925 due to its large cow's milk content. In 1931, the F.H. Bennett Biscuit Company was taken over by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco). Milk-Bone was the only Bennett product that continued to be made after the takeover. The Milk-Bone brand was acquired by Del Monte Foods in 2006. The J.M. Smucker Company of Orville, Ohio announced that it was to take over Del Monte's pet foods division in 2015.

All Milk-Bone biscuits are made in Buffalo, New York.


Snoopy the World War I Flying Ace and Charlie Brown appear in this commercial.

Milkbone Snoopy commercial00:31

Milkbone Snoopy commercial

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy appear in this commercial.

Milk Bone-Snoopy00:16

Milk Bone-Snoopy

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