Snoopy is angry at not being allowed in the library.

04 - No Dogs Allowed03:19

04 - No Dogs Allowed

"No Dogs Allowed" is a song from the 1972 animated film Snoopy, Come Home. It was written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. It is sung by Thurl Ravenscroft.


No dogs allowed,
You're not our crowd,
Oh, say the the signs,
And boundary lines.
You're out of place,
You bark and chase,
You're not our crowd,
No dogs allowed.
Keep off the grass,
(No dogs allowed),
All pups and hounds,
(You're not our crowd),
You don't belong,
(You're not our crowd).
You don't belong,
(Oh, say the signs),
You're out of bounds,
{And boundary lines).
You pant and wheeze,
(You're out of place),
And carry fleas,
(You bark and chase),
You're not our crowd,
(You're not our crowd),
No dogs allowed.
(No dogs allowed).

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