Linus, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Franklin, Peppermint Patty and Marcie prepare for the Punt, Pass and Kick Competition.

The Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition is a competition seen in the TV special, You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown and several of his friends enter in hopes of winning the grand prize: a new bicycle, and a free trip to the Super Bowl for the National Finals.

Rules and results

Each participant gets a chance to throw, then punt, the football as far as he or she can. The player with the furthest combined distance is the winner.

Lucy goes first, throwing the ball twelve feet, three inches. Her punt, however, goes straight up, bounces off her head, and ends up bouncing backwards, resulting in a measured distance of minus eight feet, four inches.

Franklin is next, throwing and kicking for twenty seven feet, six inches, and sixty feet and two inches, respectively. Peppermint Patty follows Franklin, and gets a twenty-eight feet, four inches pass and a seventeen feet and eight inches punt.

"Pig-Pen" is the next participant, making a twenty-four feet and three inches throw and a dust-covered forty-five feet and two inches kick. Marcie follows "Pig-Pen", throwing for eighteen feet, six inches, but refusing to kick the ball because it did not do anything to her to deserve it.

Charlie Brown goes next, throwing for seventy-two feet, six inches, and kicking for seventy feet, four inches, taking the lead, and leading Peppermint Patty to claim "Hey i Think that wins it for Chuck." However, Linus follows Charlie Brown, and ends up beating him with a seventy-two feet and eight inches throw and a seventy feet and eight inches kick, giving him the lead by six inches. Linus begins to celebrate believing he is the winner.

However, a last contestant is announced, Melody-Melody. She proceeds to demolish Linus' lead with an eighty feet and six inches throw and a seventy-two feet and eight inches kick, giving her the win, the bike, and the trip to the Super Bowl.

Results (in order of participation)
Participant Wearing Pass Punt Total
Lucille van Pelt Los Angeles Raiders 12' 3" (-8' 4") 3' 11"
Franklin Houston Oilers 27' 6" 60' 2" 87' 8"
Peppermint Patty Denver Broncos 28' 4" 17' 8" 46'
"Pig-Pen" Green Bay Packers 24' 3" 45' 2" 69' 5"
Marcie Washington Redskins 18' 6" No Kick 18' 6"
Charlie Brown San Francisco 49ers 72' 6" 70' 4" 142' 10"
Linus Los Angeles Rams 72' 8" 70' 8" 143' 4"
Melody-Melody Dallas Cowboys 80' 6" 72' 8" 153' 2"