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Rory Thost (right) in 2013.

Rory Thost (born November 18, 1991) is an American actor who played the recurring role of Bradley Benjamin Farmer in The Disney Channel's television series Phil of the Future.

Thorst was born in Dallas, Texas to Carol and Daniel Thost. He has an older brother and a younger sister. In 2008, Thorst attended the Leysin American School in Switzerland. He attended St. Andrew's Episcopal school in Austin, Texas and is now going to UCLA.

Along with his role on Phil of the Future, he also voiced Peppermint Patty in He's a Bully, Charlie Brown. In the show George Lopez he guest starred as the character "Timmy". He played "Young Carter" in A Cinderella Story. His next large role was as Kip in The Disney Channel's Higglytown Town Heroes.

He also voiced Charlie Brown and Linus van Pelt in a Robot Chicken parody of Peanuts.

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