Russell Anderson in You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown.

Russell Anderson is a very minor male character in Peanuts, who has never appeared in the strip but appears in the animated TV special You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown. He is voiced by Todd Barbee.

When Lucy goes around surveying students, asking if they would vote for her brother Linus, she eventually gets to Russell, who replies three times that he would not (the first time being if Linus was running for student body president, the second being if he knew Linus was going to straighten out the whole educational system, and the third time being if he knew Linus was going to solve all of the problems in the whole world). When Lucy asks him why, he says, "Cause I'm the one who'd be running against him."

By the time the election is over, Russell votes for Linus himself. He tells Charlie Brown, "I think he would make a better president than I would."

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