The Scott Fitzgerald Hero

The Scott Fitzgerald Hero is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to Peanuts comic strips on May 21, 1998.  He is named after the famed American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of the classic novel, The Great Gatsby, and modeled after the novel's title character.

This alter ego is introduced during a storyline in which Charlie Brown attends his school's spring dance, anticipating that he may end up dancing with The Little Red-Haired Girl.  When informed by Charlie Brown that he will be attending the dance, Snoopy invites himself along, wearing a bow tie.  Upon arriving at the dance, several children assume that Snoopy is a child in a dog suit.

On May 21, 1998, Snoopy identifies himself as the Scott Fitzgerald Hero for the first time.  In a subsequent strip, he refers to himself as "Gatsby".  He also addresses others as "Old Sport" during imaginary conversations, just as Gatsby does in the novel.

Snoopy is eventually seen dancing with The Little Red-Haired Girl, imagining that she is Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby's love interest in the novel.  Shortly thereafter, Charlie Brown is forced to carry Snoopy home after he falls ill from drinking too much punch.

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