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Snoopy's Candy Town Hack Unlimited Coins Unlimited Money

Snoopy's Candy Town is a Peanuts themed app for iPads and iPods.

In the game, Snoopy's father leaves Snoopy his candy factory, and Snoopy needs help running it. The player's job is to use Woodstock, and his bird friends to get ingredients, and make the candy for the children in the neighborhood. Belle is the cashier. By selling candy to the children, the player recieves money from them, and is able to buy more candy producing machines, and create a greater variety of candy to sell. Once players recieves a certain amount of money, they can move onto the next level.

Meanwhile. Charlie BrownSallyLinusLucySchroeder"Pig-Pen", and Peppermint Patty buy candy from the factory, which they use to sell to houses in the neighborhood, and use the money to fix problems in the town. These problems include fixing Schroeder's piano, buying a new tennis net for Molly Volley and "Badcall" Benny, fixing the school building's broken window, repairing Lucy's psychiatry booth, and many more.

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