Snoopy's Game Club

Snoopy's Game Club is a PC/Macintosh Disk Rom game released in 1992 by Accolade. The game features many educational games, for children aged three to eight-years old. 

Mini games

This game consists of three mini games:

  • Snoopy's Animated Puzzles: There are jigsaw puzzles of Peanuts characters. The player can decide how many pieces to break the puzzle into (from four to sixty-four). Once the puzzle is completed, a short scene is played.
  • Charlie Brown's Picture Pair- A memory card game. The players flip over cards that are placed face down and try to make as many matches as possible. Each card has a picture of a Peanuts character on it.
  • Woodstock's Look Alikes- Many similar, but not exactly the same, objects are shown. However, there are two which are exactly alike. The player must pick out those two objects. 

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