Snoopy's Town Tale is a simulation game for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game is based on the 2015 The Peanuts Movie.

In the game, Snoopy tries to introduce the Little Red-Haired Girl to the neighborhood. The player is sent to do tasks to help build the town with the characters and their society. The player can buy these characters associated with their houses, and can buy stores, plants, and land to help grows his/her village. The game gives a wrapped gift for every level or task the player has accomplished, which allows the player to exchange them for comic strips that have different characters.

The characters include Charlie Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Sally Brown, Linus van Pelt, the Little Red-Haired Girl, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Schroeder, Franklin, Violet Gray, "Pig-Pen", Frieda, Shermy, Eudora, Snoopy, Spike, Belle, Andy, and Olaf. Woodstock only appears in one area. His friends are only seen in videos. Ironically, Eudora and Rerun, Lucy and Linus's little brother, appear in the game, despite being missing from the movie, though the player can only unlock Rerun and Patty through specific holidays, such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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