Snoopy Concert

Cover art for Snoopy Concert.

Snoopy Concert (Japanese: スヌーピーコンサート, Sunūpīkonsāto) is a Japan-only game for the Super Famicom, released in that country on May 19, 1995. It is a point-and-click platform/racing game in which players take the part of Snoopy, employing Woodstock to guide the main character's movements indirectly. The game's sound can be chosen to be either mono or stereo. The game was developed by Pax Sofnica and Nintendo R&D1, and published by Mitsu Fudosan Co and Dentsu Inc.

Some English-patched ROM-images have been released directly on the internet.


Japanese TV Commercials 160 Snoopy Concert00:16

Japanese TV Commercials 160 Snoopy Concert

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