Snoopy defeats the giant.

"Snoopy and the Giant" is the fourteenth episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. It premiered on September 14, 1985.


"Snoopy's Foot"

«Snoopy and the Giant» - «Snoopy and the Giant» Smotri.Com2

Snoopy hurts his foot.

Snoopy ends up breaking his foot and has to wear a cast, which causes a problem when Peppermint Patty wants him to play for her team in the next baseball game.


"Giant" is the longest short in the episode.

Woodstock's farming skills cause a beanstalk to sprout into the sky. He and Snoopy climb the beanstalk and encounter a cookie-hoarding giant.


Rerun van Pelt has to deal with an odd jack-in-the-box and his mom's cycling skills and has a crush on a little girl who keeps changing her name.



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