Snoopy vs. the Red Baron is a PS2 and Windows game which made a big hit. Although it is a Peanuts themed game, it is rated E 10+ for cartoon violence. This game featured a lot of friends and enemies and could play team 2 player mode

either fight each other or with the other player.

Story: Snoopy is dreaming as himself as a flying ace. He flies around beating all foes. But there is one that he cannot defeat... The Red Baron! In this game you play as Snoopy, and are on a quest to foil the Red Baron's plans for mass destruction on the allies.





Snoopy in flight

A flying ace on a mission to stop the evil Red Baron, Snoopy rides on the Sopwith Camel (a type of plane used by the Royal Flying Corps). His rival, The Red Baron is one of the only enemies that rivals Snoopy. He serves lots of missions for the allies escorting blimps and convoys as well as rescuing friends.



Linus's blimp taking it's supplies route with some important cargo

Linus serves as the intelligence for the allies and rides in a Zeppelin or a glider and is pretty capable of being unpredictable in flight. Linus can also act as a second in command if commander Lucy is absent. His velicals are a powered glider and a cargo blimp that carries cargo from base to base

Pig Pen

Supply ship

Pigpen's supply ship

Pig Pen owns a supplies ship and helps bring cargo and supplies throughout the allies battleground. As Snoopy you help him ship some of the supplies to AreoDrome.



Schroeder's battleship

Acting as the navy enforcer with his battleship, Schroeder can be a real help when U-boats and PT boats are in the area. In battle he will do a perimeter check on the coast.

Other allies

There are a lot of other allies including Franklin, Charlie Brown, Marcie, Lucy, Rerun, Peppermint Patty, Sally and more.


Blue Fighter


The blue fighter is the most numerous of all of the enemies you face. They are weak and slow but they can be overwhelming in numbers. Often seen in fleets they usually attack in groups doing a circle around you. Although hard to defeat in numbers, it is easy to pick them off. Sometimes they just crash before you even get the slightest, smallest chance to shoot the specific blue fighter down.


Pursuing a damaged blue fighter

Green Fighter

Vs. green fighter

Fighting a green fighter with a blimp in the distance


Green fighter

These dangerous planes have back gunners to make them even more dangerous in numbers as the blue fighters. The front gunner fires a machine gun while the back gunner fires a bomb.


Purple Fighters

Even more dangerous than the green fighters, they are one of the worst enemies you can fight and have the same life level as a blimp. Unlike the blue fighter and the green fighter, they can launch missiles, which can be very deadly towards Snoopy. Like the green fighter they have a secondary weapon.


  • A bombing blimp
  • A blimp threatens a allied convoy
  • A blimp opens its gondola door to let out copter bots
  • Bombing blimps arrive for support for the enemy
  • Blimp is damaged
  • A blimp bombs a convoy
  • A blimp blockade

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