Write the first paragraph of your page here. Melody-Melody is the little girl who appeared in You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown. While Charlie Brown and Linus van Pelt were practicing for the football game, she was watching them. And Linus felt like he had a crush on her, she is similar to The Little Red-Haired Girl (who Charlie Brown had a crush on.) When Charlie Brown, Linus, and Melody-Melody herself went to the ice cream shop, they ask Melody-Melody if she could get a hot fudge sundae, she said yes. At the end of You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown. Linus said that Melody-Melody beat him in the contest and he'd never trust anyone.

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Write the first section of your page here. She has red hair (like The Little Red-Haired Girl) with two buns.

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Write the second section of your page here. She wears a pinkish purplish shirt, wears green pants, and wears white shoes.

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