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The Loud House is an animated series on Nickelodeon, created by Chris Savino, that premiered on May 2, 2016. Set in the fictional city of Royal Woods, Michigan, the series focuses on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son of the eponymous family, who copes with his day-to-day life alongside his ten sisters—Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily.

Peanuts references on The Loud House

  • Lincoln's pet dog, Charles, is named after Charles M. Schulz himself.
  • In episodes set in wintertime, Lincoln typically wears a winter outfit identical to Charlie Brown's.
  • In "Changing the Baby", when Lincoln takes Lily to the clothes store, two shirts resembling Charlie Brown's shirt can be seen in the background.
  • In the storyboards for Luna's flashback in "For Bros About to Rock", her younger self was originally designed to resemble Lucy van Pelt.
  • At the beginning of "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln does 5's dance from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • "Toads and Tiaras" has a running gag where Lincoln and Lana are surrounded by cherubs whenever they mention the Dairyland tickets they are trying to win. One of the cherubs resembles Charlie Brown.
  • In the title card of "Cereal Offender", the cereal bowl has the pattern from Charlie Brown's shirt.
  • During Lincoln's training montage in "The Loudest Yard", Lucy pulls the football gag on him.
  • In "Snow Bored", the shot of Lincoln crashing his sled into a tree and the snow from said tree falling on him mimics the title card shot from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • In "Homespun", during a flashback where Mr. Loud tries to fix the TV antenna, a parody of the opening scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas appears on the family's TV.
  • In “No Such Luck”, at Lynn’s second baseball game, she throws a ball, gets hit by the same ball and loses her clothes like Charlie Brown does.
  • In "Party Down", there is a moment where Lisa is doing a repetitive dance that resembles one seen in A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • In "Read Aloud", the Van Pelt family is listed as one of the other families entering the reading competition.
  • In "Future Tense", when the Loud Family arrives home after cleaning up the interstate, they have a cloud of dust following them like "Pig-Pen".
  • In the storyboards for the opening scene of "Fool Me Twice", where the Loud family (minus Luan) are all wearing disguises, Lola was originally going to dress up as Sally. (In the finished episode, she instead wears a fake beard.)
  • In "Friendzy", Liam dresses as a bedsheet ghost resembling the costumes from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown when he, Lincoln, and Clyde are watching ARGGH!
  • In the comic book story "The Call" (printed in the graphic novel The Loud House #1: There Will Be Chaos), when Lincoln tries hiding inside Charles' doghouse, Charles is shown sleeping on top of the doghouse like Snoopy.


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