"The Vigil" is a song from the stage musical Snoopy!!! The Musical and the animated TV special of the same name. It is sung by Linus van Pelt in the pumpkin patch as he waits for the Great Pumpkin.


Linus: I'll give him seven minutes,
That's all I'm gonna wait.
It's 7:53 now,
I'll give him until 8:00.
Exactly seven minutes,
That's all I'm waiting for
And not one single solitary minute more.
Linus: (spoken) Here we are, Snoopy, sitting in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Every Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin flies through the air with his bag of toys. And just think, if you and I sit here all night, we may get to see him! I really appreciate you sitting out here with me, Snoopy. I must admit, however, I've been wondering why you're wearing those dark glasses.
Snoopy: (spoken) There are certain times when you prefer not to be recognized.
Linus: (sung) I'll wait a half an hour,
A half an hour's fair.
But after that I'm leaving,
I mean it, I don't care.
That's twenty-three more minutes,
Then if he doesn't show
I'm absolutely, positively gonna go!
Linus: (spoken) Of course, I realize that, at times, you must feel discouraged, because more people believe in Santa Claus than in you! Well, let's face it, Santa Claus has more publicity!
Linus: (sung) It's practically 8:30,
I think I'll wait till 10:00.
But ten o'clock's my limit,
If he's not here by then...
I'll give him till 11:00,
All right, 11:09,
But 11:09 is really where I draw the line!
Of course, he may be flying,
And the frost is on the pumpkin,
And the fog is getting heavy,
So he may be flying blind.
One pumpkin patch looks an awful lot like any other,
And this particular patch may be hard to find.
Or maybe he's in some kind of holding pattern over Newark,
Or he's had to make a forced landing, in Minnesota.
I'll give him until midnight,
I've waited here this long.
Another fifty minutes,
How far could I go wrong?
By giving him till midnight.
As long as I'm still here.
My nose is numb,
I think I've caught a chill,
If he doesn't come, and I don't think he will,
I'll never wait for him again...
Peppermint Patty: (spoken) May I ask you something? Did the Great Squash ever show up?
Linus: (spoken) It's "Pumpkin!"
Linus: (sung) I'll never wait for him again until... next YEAR!