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Truffles is a minor female character from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz who first appeared on March 31, 1975. She becomes the heartthrob of both Linus and Snoopy. She has a larger nose and eyes than other Peanuts characters.


The storyline which introduces Truffles begins when Linus and Snoopy decide to go hunting for the rare fungus truffles. They search on a farm, where they meet a girl who tells them that they have found Truffles, since that is her name. She was named by her grandfather, who says that she is as rare as a truffle. Linus wants to be with Truffles, but his plans become ruined by Snoopy, because Truffles likes Snoopy more.

Two years later, in 1977, when Linus is on a school field trip he finds her again, and she remembers him right away. This time, she actually seems interested in Linus. However, her interest in Linus annoys Sally, and this time, Sally ruins it for them. (This is the first time Sally calls Linus her "Sweet Babboo).

Truffles never appeared in the strip again. She made two appearances on television in A Charlie Brown Celebration and in the episode "The Lost Ballpark" from the first season of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.

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