"We're Gonna Have a Party Tonight" is a song that was featured in the Worlds of Wonder series' World of Snoopy  books with the Talking Snoopy plush.

It is also featured in the opening sequence of the documentary, You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown". Parts of this opening sequence were later re-used in the opening sequence of It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown.

In the song, Snoopy sings about preparing his birthday party with the children.


Get out the paper hats and streamers galore
Be sure to put a welcome mat in front of the door
Get out some invitations and on 'em let's write
"We're gonna have a party tonight"!
We'll play some "Simon Sez" and some "Musical Chairs"
Be sure to R.S.V.P. 'cause you'll wanna be there
We'll write it in the sky and in bright neon lights
"We're gonna have a party tonight"
We'll have some party favors, noise-makers, toys, and balloons
We'll be playing, dancing, singing all your favorite tunes
And all the prizes you could win will be the best ever yet
Will there be goodies to get? You bet!
Take the confetti out and some colorful treats
'Cause every perfect party must have plenty of eats!
Get out your party clothes - tell everybody in sight
"We're gonna have a party tonight"!
We're gonna have a party - (We're gonna have a party)
Oh, a real, terrific party - (A real, terrific party)
We're gonna have a party tonight!!!

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