"Where Did That Little Dog Go?" is a song from the stage musical Snoopy!!! The Musical. It is sung by Charlie Brown, about how independent Snoopy has become.


Charlie Brown: (sung) When I had my choice of a cat or a dog,
Why did I opt for the latter?
(spoken) A dog...
(sung) But he was different then
He was different when he was, well, small
He even used to come when I would call!
(spoken) Snoopy! Snoopy! Here, Snoopy!
(sung) Snoopy...
Where did that little dog go?
Only a moment ago
He was there, jumping in my arms
Eating from my hand
I don't understand
Where did that little dog go?
He's not the puppy I know
Soft and warm, tugging at my sleeve
Begging me to play
Was it yesterday?
He was Snoopy, little Snoopy
So dependent on me for so much of his laughter!
Why can't before be just like after?
What was your hurry to grow?
Grow up and worry me so
It's not fair, Snoopy, don't you see?
Growing up to be
Someone else
Who doesn't need me


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