A sign which indicates that Whitman's chocolates are on sale.

Whitman's is one of the largest and oldest brands of boxed chocolates in the United States. Whitman's was founded in 1842 by Stephen F. Whitman, who was only 19 years old at the time, as a candy and fruit store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first pre-packaged Whitman's candy, a box of sugar plums, was produced in 1854. The first boxes of Whitman's chocolates were produced in 1877. In 1993, the Whitman's brand was acquired by Russel Stover Candies of Kansas City, Missouri. In 2014, Russell Stover Candies was taken over by the Swiss chocolate and candy company Lindt & Sprüngli.


This 1998 commercial for Whitman's Snoopy Treats features an animated Snoopy and shows Charlie Brown, Lucy van Pelt and "Pig-Pen" on the product's packaging.

Whitman's Snoopy Treats Ad (1998)00:16

Whitman's Snoopy Treats Ad (1998)

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