World Famous Football Coach

The World Famous Football Coach

The World Famous Football Coach is one of Snoopy's alter egos. It debuted in the Peanuts comic strip from September 2, 1971.

In this alter-ego's single appearance, Snoopy is shown wearing a cap and a coach's whistle. Woodstock is the only one of his players shown in the strip.

Later strips, including one published on September 18, 1971, show Snoopy practicing football with Woodstock.  However, Snoopy is wearing a football helmet in these strips and does not appear to be coaching.

Snoopy also appears as the World Famous Football Coach (albeit referred to as simply the "World Famous Coach") in the 1994 TV special You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown. This time, however, all of his players are shown, which are all Woodstock's bird friends.

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