World Famous Patriot Soldier

Snoopy as the World Famous Patriot Soldier

The World Famous Patriot Soldier is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to the Peanuts comic strip in 1997.

Dressed as an American revolutionary solder, and holding a rifle, Snoopy is shown marching through the snow, or otherwise trying to stay warm in a number of comic strips that were first published between early 1997 and the final weeks of the Peanuts comic strip in early 2000.  He frequently states that he is at Valley Forge, and often refers to General George Washington.

Snoopy is later joined by Woodstock, dressed in a similar manner, in this fantasy.  On one occasion, Snoopy reports to a senior officer as "Patriot Snoopy and Patriot Woodstock" when ordered to deliver a message from General Washington to Thomas Paine.

First appearance

In the January 5, 1997 strip, Sally Brown sadly observes Snoopy standing outside in the snow.  In the last panel, it is revealed that Snoopy is fantasizing that he is "The Revolutionary War Patriot standing Guard at Valley Forge."  In the May 20, 1997 strip, Snoopy identifies himself as "The World Famous Patriot Soldier" for the first time. 

Final appearances

In a Sunday strip first published on December 19, 1999, Patriots Snoopy and Woodstock are shown decorating a small Christmas tree, then marching through the snow.  In the last panel, the famous Emanuel Leutze oil painting, "Washington Crossing the Delaware" is reproduced with Snoopy and Woodstock standing on the shore expressing disappointment that they had missed "a ride into town."

The last appearance of The World Famous Patriot Soldier is in a Sunday strip, first published on January 16, 2000, just four weeks before the very last Peanuts strip.  Ordered by General Washington to chop firewood, Woodstock suggests that he simply turn up the thermostat.

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