"You Can't Win, Charlie Brown" is the eighth episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. It premiered on November 5, 1983.  The episode is notable for being made up of more shorts than any other episode in the series.



Snoopy demonstrates the shaking method of training puppies, when Linus doubts a puppy could learn anything from being shaken. (This short is reused from Clean The Air.)


Woodstock comments on Snoopy's dinner by discussing worms.


Sally learns a danger by throwing a football into Woodstock's nest.


With Rerun's help, Charlie Brown's baseball team wins their first game ever, but there is trouble when the league discovers someone was gambling on the game.


Linus offers his burnt toast to Woodstock.

"Snow Sculpture"

Linus and Lucy make snow sculptures honoring George Washington's birthday.


Charlie Brown tries to teach Snoopy how to sit and heel.


The school ceiling springs a leak over Peppermint Patty's desk.


Lucy helps Charlie Brown fly his kite. Charlie Brown ends up making the kite get caught onto Snoopy's doghouse.

"The Blanket"

Linus tries to live without his blanket for two weeks.


Sally tries to tell jokes in class. (First used in It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown)

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